Our Museum

Norfolk & Western C-31P #518620

Built in 1969 by the International Car Company of Kent, OH for the Norfolk & Western Railway, the car was used in continuous service up until the time it was donated to the museum in March of 1990. This was the Museum's first donated piece of equipment.

RF&P Extended Vision Caboose #905

RF&P #905 was built in May of 1973 by International Car Company in Buffalo, NY for the Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad. This caboose saw service on many of RF&P’s freights between Richmond, VA and Potomac Yard in Alexandria, VA. 

PRR B-60B Baggage/Mail Car #9325

Built in 1928 by the PRR as number 9325, it was renumbered #7533 when Penn Central acquired it. The museum received the car through a donation made by Conrail in late 1990, when the car was in storage at Wilmington, DE. 

PRR X-58 Boxcar #112171

Built in Nov. 1964 for FGE by the Pennsylvania Railroad's car shops in Holidaysburg, PA, the X-58 was the largest class of boxcars built by the PRR. It saw service through Penn Central, Conrail, and CSX The car was renumbered during its time on Conrail to 363983, and under CSX to NYC 363983. 

Now Open! New Museum Expansion.

After almost 2 years of hard work by many members, we're proud to announce that our museum expansion is open to the public. Come in and enjoy more museum displays, along with operating HO, O, and N scale layouts!

Deep Run Passenger Shed

Built by a group of Boy Scouts as an Eagle Project, this passenger shed is representative of what you would find track-side on the RF&P 50+ years ago, mostly used for 'Flag Stops'.